Self Care


Since I have made mention regarding Self Care in the last couple of posts; it would probably be good of me to talk a bit about it…cause I know at least two of my ardent readers are scratching their heads going…Self Care?

For me Self Care means doing something that makes me happy.

Could be doing a bit of painting; reading a good book; creative writing; baking a saskatoon berry pie (I am a Betty Crocker); listening to good music; going for a walk; watching a favourite movie…or watching Pro-Wrestling…(yes…I like pro-wrestling…is there a problem?) Even a nice warm bath is a treat (I make my own bath salts amoung other beauty products).

There is loads of things to do…and pretty cheaply too.

Pack a sandwich; some carrots; a bottle of water and a good book. Find a shady spot in a local park (or your own back yard) and indulge in a good story while munching on lunch.

The library is a fabulous source for all kinds of things; books; movies; music…everything you could think of…and then some. Some cities their library memberships are free (Vancouver’s is free). I have found some great stuff while wandering the stacks. They also have e-books you can rent for the same duration as you would a physical book.

A walk in the evening; or early in the morning…or when ever. It does wonders for your mood.

If you have a list of things that you have been meaning to get done that you just never seem to get to; this too can fall under self care; if for nothing more then the sense of accomplishment and the weight off your shoulders at getting it done.

The most important part of self care is focusing on the moment; even getting your laundry done or making your bed first thing when you wake up will do the trick…if you are in the moment.

You don’t need hours and hours out of your day…and you need not spend any money at all…






One thought on “Self Care

  1. Yes! You need to carve out time for yourself. You can’t be at your best without a mental “reset” sometimes. Can be something super simple and doesn’t need to cost a thing!

    And some libraries even have free wifi, DVDs you can borrow, even adult programs like watching a BBC series with some other like minded adults. And they’re usually free!

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