Temptation comes in all guises, beguiling and seducing…and we all succumb to temptation…ALL OF US. Even those who give the impression of piousness; they too fall into temptation.

The trick is being aware when you are about to reach that Point Of No Return. That moment in time when the next step you make will either be to take a step back to regroup and look at your ‘surroundings’; or you will take that step forward; and go all in.

When you step past that point and go all in; there is no going back; there is no undoing it; the Command Key/Ctrl+Z isn’t going to be able to help you. I am not talking about a decadent rum ball or even a skinny dip in the neighbours’ pool…the rum ball is fleeting and well the only hurt is your waistline; and the neighbours’ pool…well…I hope they are on vacation. I am talking other things…things that have destroyed careers; marriages…and lives.

Temptation feels good…really good…in some cases it could become an addiction. Where everything else takes a back seat to it; all productivity stops…all outside concerns seem to evaporate. When you reach this point….this is the Point of No Return…

This is where you need to decide…do I take a step back and take the heat out…or do I go all in; roll the dice and let it ride…?

I recently reached this point myself…and I was really tempted to go all in…but I chose to step back and take in my ‘surroundings’ – and this was a wise decision; because I was able to see that should I proceed I would end up hurting people (including myself). In the ‘cold’ light of day…I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do…but just because it’s right…doesn’t mean it’s easy.



Two Sides of the Same Coin…


Two topics…Two Sides…Same Coin.

My Mottos:

Repping 24/7 

Because we now live in a 24 hr world; especially in regards to social media; but even when we are face to face with one another. I not only represent myself (which is my ‘Brand’ – $0.50 Buzz word); but the people I associate with (as they in turn represent me); my Christian Faith; and any company I work for. Social Media never really shuts off…there is always someone…somewhere reading it…talking on it…that being said…make sure that what ends up on social media is something you want found. Shenanigans have a habit of ending up on social media…and costing people their jobs.

Be Authentic…

Being real…raw you…warts and all. Not everyone will like real…raw you…just like not everyone likes real…raw me. To be fair…there have been a few real…raw people who I really haven’t liked either; I have helped them as my faith has called me to do; but I still didn’t like them all the same. It’s all good; if you don’t like them…be polite…but by no means are you required to spend copious amounts of time with them. Always be polite…that whole I’ll be nice to you if you’re nice to me is bullshit…this isn’t school yard rules…and you never know who could be watching you…or what battle that person is fighting.

You’ll notice that it looks like I contradicted myself just now; where I said keep shenanigans off of social media; but to be authentic in your dealings with people. Posting about your shenanigans doesn’t always make you authentic…in fact it usually accomplishes the opposite. I am not saying live like a monk…I sure as shit don’t…but if the shenanigans are dubious keep that shit off of social media…this includes the use of hashtags (especially ones that are associated with a company you work for; people who do this are just asking to be shown the door)…the oh so not sexy caught in the act photos; and anything that remotely sounds like a confession of sorts.







It’s all about ATTITUDE…


Yes…I am going to talk about ATTITUDE.

As in…A Double T Give me an I…another T and a U D E…


Attitude is everything…and I do mean EVERYTHING. Attitude will dictate how we respond to a situation; or how we respond to each other.

You know what I am talking about…there are books and books on this subject; I have even owned a couple myself. The operative word being…OWNED…for some time ago I jettisoned these self-help habit books and how to deal with so & so books; because well the tips and stuff just weren’t me; and to follow said advice would be disingenuous. Maintaining a positive attitude 100% of the time can be hard to do…I know because I struggle with it some days. This is especially true when the Not-So-Shit-Hot days roll around…or when the permanent Not-So-Shit-Hot people roll in…you know those people…they could win the big bucks in the lottery and still say things are Not-So-Shit-Hot…yeah those people…everyone knows one of THOSE people…if you don’t…then you are one of THOSE people…and trust me on that…I know about that…because I use to be one of THOSE people. Never fear if you are one of THOSE people…there is help for you…if I can turn things around…so can you.

Attitude is a choice; you can chose to be positive as opposed to negative as easily as you can chose to be nice to people (which is not that hard) as opposed to being an asshole (not my first choice of words…but dickbasket seemed more biased gender wise…where as everyone has an asshole…and anyone can be an asshole…not everyone has a dick…I can honestly say this…because I don’t have one…but I digress)…where was I??? Oh yes…attitude is a choice. I recently listened to a couple of interviews with a gentleman who had recently been released from the company he had been with for the last several years; and I was greatly impressed (which says volumes as I am not easy to impress) with his attitude about the whole situation. He could have chosen to lament his change in fortunes or as so many have before him blasted the company…instead he is incredibly positive and quite excited about what the future holds for him (he’s also slightly nervous and well quite rightly so…anyone would be). This says a lot about him as a person; and that he is most likely quite remarkable (I have never met him…perhaps one day I will); there others who share his positive nature out there when adversity comes their way…whether as a small hiccup…a large burp…or a huge fart (like how I worked in the subtitle of my blog into an actual post…not bad..eh?)

I hear some of you snorting…(yes…you…in the back there…I know it was you…)

I hear the BUTS…and the YOU JUST DON’T GET IT…and the EASY FOR YOU TO SAY’s coming…remember I said I was one of those Not-So-Shit-Hot people…I had the same responses.

The last few years have been a struggle and a hustle; with knocks left and right…and I did flounder; and there are days where I sometimes still fall down; however for the most part I make a conscious…or is it conscientious…either way…decision to have a positive outlook. I understand that sometimes it’s hard…especially if the situation doesn’t lend itself to positives…Hello 2013 Alberta Floods…but then again perhaps it’s in the situations of adversity is when the positive attitude is most noticeable? Perfect strangers coming out to help those who are in need; be it during a flood; a transit strike in February or stranded travelers when 9/11 happened; a truly negative situation salvaged by the human spirit. When you come right down to it…attitude really is a condition of the human spirit.

Amen to that.


Epilogue: If the gentleman I spoke of someday reads this…You are truly remarkable…don’t ever forget that.