Temptation comes in all guises, beguiling and seducing…and we all succumb to temptation…ALL OF US. Even those who give the impression of piousness; they too fall into temptation.

The trick is being aware when you are about to reach that Point Of No Return. That moment in time when the next step you make will either be to take a step back to regroup and look at your ‘surroundings’; or you will take that step forward; and go all in.

When you step past that point and go all in; there is no going back; there is no undoing it; the Command Key/Ctrl+Z isn’t going to be able to help you. I am not talking about a decadent rum ball or even a skinny dip in the neighbours’ pool…the rum ball is fleeting and well the only hurt is your waistline; and the neighbours’ pool…well…I hope they are on vacation. I am talking other things…things that have destroyed careers; marriages…and lives.

Temptation feels good…really good…in some cases it could become an addiction. Where everything else takes a back seat to it; all productivity stops…all outside concerns seem to evaporate. When you reach this point….this is the Point of No Return…

This is where you need to decide…do I take a step back and take the heat out…or do I go all in; roll the dice and let it ride…?

I recently reached this point myself…and I was really tempted to go all in…but I chose to step back and take in my ‘surroundings’ – and this was a wise decision; because I was able to see that should I proceed I would end up hurting people (including myself). In the ‘cold’ light of day…I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do…but just because it’s right…doesn’t mean it’s easy.



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