Everyone is Vulnerable…


Everyone is Vulnerable…

I have a large confession to make…was going to half-ass this topic and rolled it into one blog with 3 other topics. But I got what I call a ‘Noggin’ Knocking’; that tap in the back of my mind and the whisper of… “You never take the easy route…don’t start taking the easy route now…this is too important.”

So here I am not taking the easy route…

Being vulnerable sucks donkey whang…

No one likes being vulnerable…NO ONE.

People like to be in control of their situation at all times…myself included. Since becoming a Christian I have been lead to put my trust in God and my future in His Hands. When things are going good; it’s easy to do; when things aren’t so good…this is not so easy to do; but I am still doing it.

** Author’s Note: Yes I am a Christian…this blog however is not designed to be preachy; nor is it made to convert the masses. If you want to have a respectful conversation about it; great…if you want to have an antagonistic debate so you can take the piss…you can sod off.

Where was I? Or yes…being vulnerable sucks donkey whang…

Everyone has experienced vulnerability at some point in their lives; be it financial; social; mental; emotional; physical; and spiritual.

Financial Vulnerability leads people to get involved in Get Rich Quick Schemes (one of my uncles was notorious for these things…and cousin too; the cousin ended up doing jail time.)

Mental Vulnerability happens to everyone; even if there is no mental illness involved; it can come down to the relationships we have with one another. It seems to go hand in hand with the Emotional Vulnerability; and Social Vulnerability. All three seem to feed off of one another like a vicious cycle. These 3 come in many…many forms.

Physical Vulnerability occurs to those who suffer from a physical ailment or disability.

Spiritual Vulnerability can occur when you ‘do life’ with people who claim to believe what you believe and offer to teach you in the ways of the faith when in fact they have ulterior motives (I know of what I speak…I ended up ‘doing life’ with a Christian man…who really was up to no good and just recently left the church I was attending because they were hypocritical in nature).

There are a lot of charlatans out there who prey on the vulnerable; regardless of where their vulnerability lies.

Being vulnerable means not being in control of a certain aspect of life…or does it?

Perhaps the real control lies in the acknowledgement and embracing of your vulnerability?


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