When Needs Must…


I went back to the Temp agency I was with previously. Two months ago it wasn’t a consideration as I was still being bombarded by folks who figured that a full-time job is essential. And it is for some…but not for me. See, I have found a creative avenue to explore, one that should it take off, I want to be able to explore to the fullest. I can’t do that working full time for someone. Because working full time for someone comes with its own long list of requirements. Working at a Temp Agency comes with little requirements. Show up for work on time, dress as the part requires, do what the part requires (don’t sit with your thumb up your ass), fill out the required paperwork for the agency correctly, and then go home and live your life.

When I worked for the Temp Agency back at the beginning of the year, I was not in a great frame of mind and the conditions just about destroyed me. Now, having sorted through what was the underlying grief, I find myself in a better head space; where now…I show up and do the job, if I make a mistake, I correct it. But I don’t buy into the frenetic energy…I didn’t when I worked the service industry (my area was known as the Zen Den by some…because it was always so calm…) and I don’t buy into it now. Errors occur and some people treat it as if it was a giant catastrophe…when in fact it’s minor. I just shrug and say I’ll take care of it…because in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal. If my error is time consuming to correct; then I will go in early and correct it and eat the time as it was my error to begin with. I am not going to lose sleep over it…not these days. It is a means to an end; it’s to keep the money coming in while I focus on what I truly want to do.

Because sometimes Needs Must…and sometimes…it’s about not over thinking it.


Confessions of a Laundry Junkie…


I love to do laundry; it’s my thing.

Even when I was living overseas in Australia I was in charge of the laundry.

The laundry detergent pods are the greatest thing since sliced bread! I know there has been some controversy about these things and children getting into them. My thoughts on that are…Parents need to keep them out of reach; and well there are those who do not wish to restrict their children in things…these are chemicals and should be treated as such…which means you will actually have to be a parent and teach your kid that these ARE NOT FOOD. Just like you teach them that Bleach is NOT WATER.

** Note: Organic laundry soap…the idea has merit but have yet to find one that actually removes body odor from clothing. I have tried several and when the work out gear still smells two days old…it is basically useless. Same with dish rags and towels, if they smell musty…then the detergent isn’t doing anything.

For years I eschewed the use of fabric softener as someone once told me it shortened the life of clothing.  And I never used it on my towels as it apparently lessens the absorbance of the towel.

So my clothes while smelling fresh and clean…were still missing something…

Pizzazz if you will…

So I have thrown caution to the wind…and have once again started using fabric softener…and oh my…

Downy is my fabric softener of choice…you just can’t beat that April Fresh smell. Yet…Downy is now just not about April Fresh…it’s about Honey Flower…and Cashmere Glow…so many different ones…and they also have Unstoppables…these little smelly pebbles that you add to the wash…perfume for your clothes if you will.

Now I like to smell nice, and I like my clothes to smell nice as well…so I got myself a bottle of Unstoppables Shimmer (on sale) and Honey Flower (on sale)…and…

And I will never go back to not using fabric softener. I will eat ramen noodles in order to afford my fabric softener.

Laundry can also be a form of self-care, something that is done at a slower pace. Frenetic energy has no place in laundry…at home laundry away…even if you have to use a Laundromat. It can be a strangely cathartic activity that can also yield a sense of accomplishment. I find that after a day spent doing laundry (and puttering) I feel much better.