I hate to admit this…and being a friendly co-worker…


God how I hate to admit this…but my mom was right.

I decided to bring up something during the weekly meetings at work; something that had been niggling at me for a while. It was about returning items that had been borrowed to where they belong. My mom said not to as I would be ridiculed for it. I didn’t believe so plotted full steam ahead…and I was ridiculed for it…by my peers who went so far as to tell me not to ‘Cry about it…’ 

Hardly…but it’s really fucking frustrating when I have to spend 10 minutes looking for something or restocking my gear because someone else used it and didn’t bother to refill it or return it altogether.

So my mom was right…

I hate admitting that…truly.
 Which brings me to this…

There is a difference between a co-worker that is a friend and a friendly co-worker.

If you hang out together outside of work; then that co-worker is a friend…if you do not, then that co-worker is just friendly. 

At my current job I am a friendly co-worker…although after this morning I am not sure I’m even that…but I digress…I help out as required; do my bit in the name of team work and at the end of the day I split; i don’t hang out and talk in the employee parking lot (not that I park there anyway…but again I digress) nor do I have a burning desire to be a part of the group outside of work hours (or inside work hours really). I show up, do the job the best I can and then I leave to do the things that I love. 

As a wise man once said…

I ain’t there to make friends…

That’s what doing what I love to do is for.


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