Losing the MoJo…and Coming Back…


10 days short of a year since I moved back to my hometown. I have been quiet on here and pretty much everywhere since I had returned. In the back of mind I always told myself I need to sit down and write something…and attempted to…but it wasn’t enjoyable as it once was, it was a struggle…a chore…and nothing was really coming out. I’d type something but then I would read it and not like what I had written. I couldn’t seem to get my mojo going…so I quit…full stop…I’d lost my voice and lost my way…the mojo was gone.

This past week however, I have been getting a push in my soul that I need to get back to this; to make the time for this. I have made a nifty little space for myself in a spot in my house that is on its way to being a cozy space to work in with lots of light and inspiration.

So Here Goes…


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