Late Night Musings…


Baby it’s cold outside…

We finally have snow that seems to be sticking around…for now. Can’t complain as it is middle of November and we have been most fortunate in that. Perhaps being unemployed is a good thing right now…don’t have to go out in it; don’t have to clear off my truck…don’t have to worry about other people on the road…then again…I am quite fortunate to get the opportunity to do just that, going out in the cold…sweeping off my old truck and heading out on the road with people who are probably just as worried as I am.

Had the fire going for a bit tonight; a nice treat on a cold night…add in a cup of cocoa and it’s almost perfect…

It’s quiet tonight; dogs have gone to bed early and no one is out on the street. My old truck sits in the drive way; a thin layer of snow across the windscreen and hood. A silent sentinel in front of the house. Lights are on in the neighbours houses along the street, and they go out one by one as everyone heads to bed.

I guess I should too…

Sleep Well…

Tomorrow is a New Day…




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