Right…back to the unemployment line…one more time…


So on Friday, November 4th my supervisor asks me to stay after a meeting. Let’s me know that it’s not working out and that I should take the next two weeks to find another job. Needless to say I was taken aback and did not respond as expected (I never do).

I spent the weekend calming down (and saying…Well Shit)…and resumed normal life on the Monday including going to work. At that point I was told that they are giving me two weeks notice but that my supervisor would have to talk to the service manager for details; as well as the supervisor kinda sucking up to me because he knows this is a bum deal he’s handing me right before Christmas. Monday passed without further ado. Tuesday is much the same…until just before I go home where I am advised they are not giving me two weeks and then laying me off – because if they lay me off they have to hire me back first before hiring someone else if they want to add to the team – they are in fact firing me…with severance of course; or I could just quit (and not get paid severance) – you can imagine which I took; I said, “Fire me, and pay me the week severance, since this is not my idea so there is no way I am going to quit.”

The next day I turned in my uniforms (hated those suckers; ill-fitting) and my keys. My supervisor commented that I seemed happier now that I know what is happening…

Well no shit…everyone is happier when they know what the hell is going on.

I got to say my good-byes and then left…only to be called back because my supervisor failed to do all the exit stuff in front of a manager…I obliged because I was trying to be classy about my exit as upset as I was about it.

This morning I had a mild panic attack because I had thought it had been weeks since my termination, but it actually hasn’t it has only be in essence 1 week. It’s amazing how the days can blend into one another.

I have had some interest in my resume, some I have applied for and some unsolicited (which makes a person feel rather good).

In this downtime (while unplanned is not unfortunate) I am regrouping and re-evaluating what it is I want to be doing. It also allows me to catch up on things and refocus the energy.

I am telling all this because I know there are others who are in the same boat as me…the exact same boat…and others who are in even leakier boats…and still others who are at the point where they are channeling Captain Jack Sparrow and merely standing on the cross-mast under the crows nest because their ship is pretty much sunk. But if you still have your footing on that cross-mast then you’ll be ok. It’s a scary place to be mind you, incredibly scary. But where we find ourselves on the Good Ship Unemployment can sometimes bring incredible change in who we are and what we can endure and what we can accomplish. Sometimes what seems the end can in fact be the beginning…

Embrace the beginnings…

Let go of the ends…

Let’s take that scary first step into the next great adventure.














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