Loss of Confidence…


And trying to find it again…

You can lose your confidence in all sorts of ways.

An Event…

A Person…(or people)…

An event can undermine your confidence in how you do and/or handle things.

A person (or people)…can undermine your confidence in EVERYTHING.

It’s easy to lose your confidence…

Getting it back…that’s harder.

You second guess yourself, you shy away from putting yourself out there, your mind only playing the negative soundtrack that has been built inside your head. You fear reaching out to people in a bid for help because you may think…’Why would they help me?’ Not wanting to bother people who have offered to help on their own time because you don’t want to seem a nuisance (for those of you who have offered to help someone, remember to make good on your offer, if you got sidetracked, that’s on you…not on them. And don’t use the excuse – I’m busy…everyone’s busy, if you are that busy tell the person that you are sorry you are unable to actually help them at this time, but don’t leave them hanging…)

Its hard to get the traction back…

I know…I am currently trying to get my traction back…

I have been hanging on to a dream for the better part of 12 years. That’s a long time to hang on to a dream and not have given up on it. I have had people who have said, its’ not realistic’, ‘You’re wasting your time’, ‘You’re more suited to office work,’ and the list goes on.

** I spent 10 years working in a cubicle in an office, a small cog. I was damn good at my job, and still I was fired. Why? Because of people who felt that a COG should know her place. **

(The better part of a decade since then, I still don’t know my place.)

So now I am at a cross roads…

Do I let the people who are critical keep their foot hold?

Or do I reach out a hand for help and get back on track?

The answer is fairly obvious isn’t it?

In the words of Elvis Presley….

Follow That Dream…











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