Sometimes you’ve got to do piece work


And I’m not talking flat rate people.

In this economy with so many people looking for work, sometimes you need to bite the proverbially bullet and take the one day or three day jobs just to keep the money rolling in. For those on EI, you can do this and still get EI assistance, they just calculate the difference. So if out of the two weeks, you work one of those weeks, you still get paid for the week you didn’t. Just don’t lie about it, because they will find out, they always do. 

For those crying about people on EI, and how you’ve never claimed EI and want your money back, well you pay car and house/renters insurance, how often have you made a claim against those? Do you ever ask for your money back from them? Didn’t think so…

It’s hard times for people right now…

And some days you need to take it one ladder rung at a time to get out of that pit. 


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