50 Years…and the return of the Three Musketeers…


Yesterday I went to a wedding anniversary…

Laureen and Jim were married June 24th, 1967. They have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. They have had their triumphs…and they have had their struggles and yet through it all, they held tight to one another. My mom commented to the peeps at our table that she couldn’t comprehend spending 50 years with the same man. Mind you, my mom has had 4 husbands so take that as you like. Laureen and Jim were obviously well suited to one another as their interactions with one another over the years can attest.

This milestone is well worth celebrating.

Laureen is a long time friend of my mom’s; they met in 1976 when my older sister went into Brownies (Girl Guides), Laureen was ‘Brown Owl’ of my sisters Brownie Pack. I don’t recall Laureen not being a part of our lives, both as kids and now as adults, also at the celebration was another long time friend; Donna;. who mentioned while sitting with my mom and I that it was the first time in a long time that she had laughed. The same could be said about my mom as of late; she doesn’t really laugh anymore. Heavily into being leaders with the Girl Guides organization, the three were always together…always. Camps, Events, Trips, Cookie Selling…and if it wasn’t Guiding it was always something else, didn’t matter. While the three had drifted apart slightly due to changing life circumstances; yesterday found these long time friends reconnect, the Three Musketeers are together again.



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