Sometimes where you are planning to be isn’t where you actually end up…and sometimes Church isn’t in a building…


I had planned to go to Church this morning…

Got up, got dressed and headed out; by the time I got to the little Church outside of town that I attend it was 10:45 and the service had started at 10, so instead of turning right I went straight and headed further out of town.

Just me…Elvis…and Two Lane Black Top.

S. Alberta has wide open blue skies, and out where the prairies meet the foothills its lush and green.

It reminded me why I moved home from VanCity 6 years ago. I love my home, there is nothing like the prairies of S. Alberta.

Roll the windows down and the smell of Lucent fills the air inside your vehicle.

When I am driving like this I tend to stop at random places and take photos random things on the road side…    Portfolio

I find when I am out of sorts this is really my Church…

It’s not four walls and a roof with pew…

It’s two lane black top with the windows rolled down, good tunes on the radio…while I take deep breaths…and reflect on my faith and what means to me as the wide blue sky spans like a canopy over head…



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