Ma Famille…what is it really?


Family…or as I call it Ma Famille

Tis the time of year that makes one think of family and what it truly means…

Family can be the bonds of blood…for those lucky enough to have a close knit family.

Family can be the bonds of something else…experience, shared interests or happy accidents.

a few Ma Famille’s I am blessed to have…

My wrestling boys – Craig, Paul, Chris, Oney, G-Rod, Ant, Carnage, HeelMahoney, Tom C, AcidBurn and BeardofTsu; love you to the moon and back.

My mentors…Peter, Jason, Dom, Bobby, Hank and the Banker. Thank you for your unending and unconditional support

My gaming crews of We Do Geek, Country Dragon Slayer, and The Guardians. Thank you for the laughs.

My Sisters from other Misters and Brothers from other Mothers: TN, Lady J, Nicole M, Laura E, Stacie W, Himanni, Cricket, Jazzy, Donna T, Joyce of the Pink Thermals, Maria in St. Louis, Carol M, Big Tom, Gorgeous Boy, Zombie Crew, the MedHat Peeps, the VanCity Crew and the SNOZZIES

And of course…Mom, Dad, Stace, the BIL, and the ninja three, the Hat Branches, the Van Island Gang.

Ma Famille…

is always what you make of it…



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