The Key is Practicing Your Craft Everyday…Even If It’s For Just Yourself.


I think it was Stephen King who once said that in order to be a writer you have to write something everyday. I think this holds true for almost everything we do.

It’s how people can sometimes turn hobbies into actual careers. It’s practicing their craft…EVERY DAY.

I know there are plenty of people out there who do the 9-5 and are happy to do it; and we need those people. Because let’s face it; we need customer service reps, and managers. I’ve grumbled enough myself about not reaching a real live person on the other end of the phone line to ever truly embrace full automation of our society. I think that’s why I favour table top gaming over video gaming…that human interaction.

Still the 9-5 aside; there are those who while doing that 9-5 also have a side gig. Building Soap Box Racers (I still wish my dad would have let me have one); Gazebos; Backyard Play Sets, Etc. Their hobbies, if you will, that they have parlayed into some extra cash for a date night with the SO; or paying for hockey for their munchkins; or as is the case here in my hometown…money to see you through because you or your SO have lost your main source of income.

So keep practicing your craft whatever it may be…

For as it’s also been said…

Practice does make perfect…



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