2 Years…


That’s how long it’s been since I have actually held a long term job…

Two years since I have been forced to re-evaluate my life and how I need to do life…the new normal if you will.

This past July I decided to start my own direct selling business as well as offering services to people for items they may require such as cards; wedding invitations; holiday packaging…etc. It’s scary to head out into the unknown…especially if you end up gripped…crippled by fear of the future…and of truly letting go of the past.

Letting go of the past is hard…I am currently in a challenge to do just that…and I will tell you first hand that it WILL leave you raw…cause you will be opening some unhealed and in a lot of our cases…gapping, gory wounds…wounds that have festered…rotting our souls with poison. Yet as with physical wounds that need to be cleaned of infection; so too does the infections in our souls. Infections that are the result of abuse, neglect, of losing our hope, our trust and our faith in ourselves. Last night I put voice to all the things that spin inside my head that has held me back the last 6 months from really gaining a foot hold in where I want to be and who I want to be. It was terrifying…and liberating all in one go. It is my goal to reconnect my faith and trust in myself.

I will keep you posted on my journey…


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