We’re on a roll…and the choice is yours


Each choice we make in life is a step in the direction our lives will take.

The biggest choice one has to make is do we travel towards the best version of ourselves or do we remain bogged down within ourselves held captive by our fears.

I have chosen the path of being the best version of me that I can be…

Which means showing up for my life and speaking my truth…

There are those out there who will not like me speaking my truth…and will do much in their power to shut me down…all I can say to that is…🖕🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿.

Showing up…means setting up a nightly routine so I am refreshed and ready for the day and not dragging my ass like an old tired dog. I won’t say – get up at the same time everyday as I already do that…my wee mouser dog requires insulin injections twice a day at the same time every day. I’m notorious for staying up until 3 AM as I have issues with turning my brain off if you will.

Showing up…means working daily at my business especially when I really don’t feel like it and would rather curl up with a good book to pass the time.

Showing up…means living in my head less and living in the world me.

Showing up…means leaving my comfort zone and doing the things that need doing even if they are icky…because that’s the job.

Showing up…means embracing the fact that growing old ain’t for the faint at heart.

Showing up…means embracing who I am currently and forming me into who I want to be.

Showing up…means accepting others more and judging others less.

Showing up…means cutting myself some slack when I fall down.

Showing up…means….letting me…be myself.

It’s time to show up…

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