Reconnecting with You…


We reconnect every day, in all sorts of ways…

But how often do we reconnect with ourselves?

Probably not very bloody often…and I am no different.

Our days are busy….as we live in captivity to activity. Society tells us that unless we’re constantly doing ‘something’ then we are somehow less. So we load up our schedules running from one activity to the next (this doesn’t include your job…).

How often do we stop and take even the briefest moment to check in on our own wellbeing?

Do we ignore the chronic back pain and tell ourselves it’ll go away on its own? Or justify ignoring it because of money? Do we short change ourselves sleep because of all the things we think have to get done within the day?

I know I do…

And you know what…this way of thinking is complete and total bollocks. Ignoring the stuff that isn’t quite right, or at all right leads to getting run down…either physically, mentally, emotionally.

Connecting to yourself – by this I mean connecting to the best version of you – is not a frivolous undertaking, but rather an investment into realizing everything you are meant for.