Sometimes where you are planning to be isn’t where you actually end up…and sometimes Church isn’t in a building…


I had planned to go to Church this morning…

Got up, got dressed and headed out; by the time I got to the little Church outside of town that I attend it was 10:45 and the service had started at 10, so instead of turning right I went straight and headed further out of town.

Just me…Elvis…and Two Lane Black Top.

S. Alberta has wide open blue skies, and out where the prairies meet the foothills its lush and green.

It reminded me why I moved home from VanCity 6 years ago. I love my home, there is nothing like the prairies of S. Alberta.

Roll the windows down and the smell of Lucent fills the air inside your vehicle.

When I am driving like this I tend to stop at random places and take photos random things on the road side…    Portfolio

I find when I am out of sorts this is really my Church…

It’s not four walls and a roof with pew…

It’s two lane black top with the windows rolled down, good tunes on the radio…while I take deep breaths…and reflect on my faith and what means to me as the wide blue sky spans like a canopy over head…


The Joy of Missing Out AKA JOMO…AKA Just Say No…


Embrace the JOMO.

The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) is the flip side to The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

JOMO and FOMO…sound like a pair of Troll or Ogre Twins.

Being enslaved to FOMO means taking on more things than your plate…and you… can realistically handle at any one time, as much as we all aspire to be on par with the Gurus (especially those who try to emulate Martha Stewart…) you need to face reality; most of these gurus have a team of people doing most of the stuff.

In being enslaved to FOMO you find yourself run ragged, exhausted and frustrated. The expectation to be more, be better, do it all and look good doing it, tick all the boxes, achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of by 55 and retire with millions in the bank. But even with FOMO; you are still missing out. Yes you are…but you are missing out on the wrong things. Don’t want to miss that gala with the movers and shakers? You end up missing baby’s first word. Absolutely have to go to that convention that is basically a repeat of the one last month but there will be new faces; you miss your daughter’s dance recital.

There is always a sacrifice to be made; yet when you embrace JOMO you’ll pick the right sacrifices.

Yes; there is the worry that the event you turn down could lead to great things; yet in the long run and grand scheme of things this is negligible. Sometimes opportunities that are presented to us may actually not be for us, but for someone else yet when we accept it; it could be in a way screwing things up for someone else. Have you ever been to an event and later told someone it was too bad they didn’t get to go because they would have benefited from it. Did it ever occur to you that the reason they didn’t get to go is because you did?

JOMO is about saying No to things; for whatever reason moves you; your spouse; your kids; the fact that it’s the 10th networking event in the last month and you just can’t be arsed because you know it will be the same people as the last three and the first two you attended (this one is for Dominic), the fact that what is being offered doesn’t razz your berries one iota. Because saying No to one thing means you get to say YES to other things.

JOMO can be applied to your professional life and your personal one as well. I understand it’s harder in the personal life due to pressure by our loved ones who seem to think that you should never ever say no to them (trust me I know all about this; I have a large extended family on my dad’s side and they all live in town…trust me…I KNOW!)

Can JOMO be applied to people? Yes…yes it can…and it should. For we are the company we keep; sorry but it’s true; who we associate with says a lot about us. That’s not to say that we get to treat our fellow human beings like shit, but it does means that we don’t have to be bosom buddies with them either, polite courtesy will do.  Some personalities don’t work well together and that’s just life, thus it’s alright to miss out on their company and be happier for it.

** Sometimes you do have to suck it up when it comes to doing time with people; because there will always be someone at an event that we don’t like and have to just put on the big girl panties and deal with it; this also goes for family members as we all have that one person in the family we could do without seeing anytime soon. **

Embracing JOMO can be challenging…daunting…downright scary even. But you can do it…even if it’s a baby step…take that step. As I said in my post about the CZ; once you do it…you’ll never go back. Embracing JOMO is also a state of mind; to be content with missing out on things.

Embrace the JOMO…and just say No…

It’s all about ATTITUDE…


Yes…I am going to talk about ATTITUDE.

As in…A Double T Give me an I…another T and a U D E…


Attitude is everything…and I do mean EVERYTHING. Attitude will dictate how we respond to a situation; or how we respond to each other.

You know what I am talking about…there are books and books on this subject; I have even owned a couple myself. The operative word being…OWNED…for some time ago I jettisoned these self-help habit books and how to deal with so & so books; because well the tips and stuff just weren’t me; and to follow said advice would be disingenuous. Maintaining a positive attitude 100% of the time can be hard to do…I know because I struggle with it some days. This is especially true when the Not-So-Shit-Hot days roll around…or when the permanent Not-So-Shit-Hot people roll in…you know those people…they could win the big bucks in the lottery and still say things are Not-So-Shit-Hot…yeah those people…everyone knows one of THOSE people…if you don’t…then you are one of THOSE people…and trust me on that…I know about that…because I use to be one of THOSE people. Never fear if you are one of THOSE people…there is help for you…if I can turn things around…so can you.

Attitude is a choice; you can chose to be positive as opposed to negative as easily as you can chose to be nice to people (which is not that hard) as opposed to being an asshole (not my first choice of words…but dickbasket seemed more biased gender wise…where as everyone has an asshole…and anyone can be an asshole…not everyone has a dick…I can honestly say this…because I don’t have one…but I digress)…where was I??? Oh yes…attitude is a choice. I recently listened to a couple of interviews with a gentleman who had recently been released from the company he had been with for the last several years; and I was greatly impressed (which says volumes as I am not easy to impress) with his attitude about the whole situation. He could have chosen to lament his change in fortunes or as so many have before him blasted the company…instead he is incredibly positive and quite excited about what the future holds for him (he’s also slightly nervous and well quite rightly so…anyone would be). This says a lot about him as a person; and that he is most likely quite remarkable (I have never met him…perhaps one day I will); there others who share his positive nature out there when adversity comes their way…whether as a small hiccup…a large burp…or a huge fart (like how I worked in the subtitle of my blog into an actual post…not

I hear some of you snorting…(yes…you…in the back there…I know it was you…)

I hear the BUTS…and the YOU JUST DON’T GET IT…and the EASY FOR YOU TO SAY’s coming…remember I said I was one of those Not-So-Shit-Hot people…I had the same responses.

The last few years have been a struggle and a hustle; with knocks left and right…and I did flounder; and there are days where I sometimes still fall down; however for the most part I make a conscious…or is it conscientious…either way…decision to have a positive outlook. I understand that sometimes it’s hard…especially if the situation doesn’t lend itself to positives…Hello 2013 Alberta Floods…but then again perhaps it’s in the situations of adversity is when the positive attitude is most noticeable? Perfect strangers coming out to help those who are in need; be it during a flood; a transit strike in February or stranded travelers when 9/11 happened; a truly negative situation salvaged by the human spirit. When you come right down to it…attitude really is a condition of the human spirit.

Amen to that.


Epilogue: If the gentleman I spoke of someday reads this…You are truly remarkable…don’t ever forget that.

Self Care


Since I have made mention regarding Self Care in the last couple of posts; it would probably be good of me to talk a bit about it…cause I know at least two of my ardent readers are scratching their heads going…Self Care?

For me Self Care means doing something that makes me happy.

Could be doing a bit of painting; reading a good book; creative writing; baking a saskatoon berry pie (I am a Betty Crocker); listening to good music; going for a walk; watching a favourite movie…or watching Pro-Wrestling…(yes…I like pro-wrestling…is there a problem?) Even a nice warm bath is a treat (I make my own bath salts amoung other beauty products).

There is loads of things to do…and pretty cheaply too.

Pack a sandwich; some carrots; a bottle of water and a good book. Find a shady spot in a local park (or your own back yard) and indulge in a good story while munching on lunch.

The library is a fabulous source for all kinds of things; books; movies; music…everything you could think of…and then some. Some cities their library memberships are free (Vancouver’s is free). I have found some great stuff while wandering the stacks. They also have e-books you can rent for the same duration as you would a physical book.

A walk in the evening; or early in the morning…or when ever. It does wonders for your mood.

If you have a list of things that you have been meaning to get done that you just never seem to get to; this too can fall under self care; if for nothing more then the sense of accomplishment and the weight off your shoulders at getting it done.

The most important part of self care is focusing on the moment; even getting your laundry done or making your bed first thing when you wake up will do the trick…if you are in the moment.

You don’t need hours and hours out of your day…and you need not spend any money at all…