The Art of Reconnecting and an Epiphany


It started with a dream…

One of my nearest and dearest that I left behind when I left Vancouver showed up in a dream I had. Strange really since we hadn’t communicated in ages, but there he was, just as I remembered him to be. Stranger still because I rarely have dreams that I recall – and sometimes I wonder if I actually dream at all – but this one I did, and couldn’t shake the gut feeling that I should maybe reach out to him to see if he was doing alright and was happy . So as is often the case…I dithered about three days on whether I should act upon the gut feeling (Yes, Gorgeous Boy it took me three days to screw up the nerve to drop you a line…hard to believe since for nearly a year I saw you 5 days a week so you’d think it wouldn’t be an issue…but it was). I did get a response in the affirmative that everything was well and that he hoped I was too. An open ended item so of course I responded with an earlier epiphany that I had had while sitting in the ICU with my dad back in 2015.

That night as I lay awake in my bed wondering why I even remembered the dream in as much detail as I did, and the prompting I felt to actually touch base, another epiphany came home like a thunderbolt. I hadn’t actually thought about it until the wee hours of the morning, but when I left Vancouver, I pretty much dropped off the face of the map for those I had left behind, and I did leave them behind in a way. When you move, you leave people behind, these days with the myriad of ways to stay in touch with ones friends and family it feels less so, yet I didn’t communicate as much as I had done in the past with my peeps in AB when I was in Australia and my peeps in Australia when I was living everywhere else. Although as of late since I have moved home to AB in 2011, aside from a small number of people, I pretty much dropped off the face of the map for everyone.  It pains me to realize it is so, even as my all of my nearest and dearest are never far from my thoughts I have neglected the relationships…and I mean really neglected the relationships. While some argue they don’t want to be the only one making the effort, it could be in any case that the other person is giving as much as they could in the particular time, it could even been said of me these last several years (and it has been several). I have had mentors that I would talk to regularly that I have since drifted away from and not even realize it. Even my boys who I talk wrestling with I have disengaged with in a small amount.

It’s at this moment when I realize that I miss you all.

So it comes down to this…

The Art of Reconnecting

I mean really reconnecting, even if it’s at a base level

Because at the end of the day…the connections we have with one another is the most important thing of all.